Release Notes | December 11, 2020


We’ve made more improvements to Service Autopilot, including the following enhancements and fixed issues.


  • Some attachments on Account and Job screens were not displaying images correctly. This has been fixed.
  • In some cases, packages were not loading properly if you tried to open them from the V3 Account This now works as expected.
  • In some cases, tags were displaying twice on the V2 Client View. This has been fixed.


  • Enhancement: Now, when you look at an automation instance for an Account, the Automation View shows what Ticket triggered the sequence.
  • If you required approval for an email event and specified Resources or Roles to be alerted, there was a problem with displaying these on the Automation View. It was not displaying the list of Resources or Roles. This has been corrected.

Dispatch Board

  • Having certain special characters in Custom Fields prevented exporting from the Dispatch Board. This has been fixed.
  • On the Dispatch Board, if you sorted by a column and then manually routed, the drag and drop for visits would not work. This has been fixed.
  • When running SA on FireFox, clicking Show Map on the Dispatch Board caused the browser to think the connection was not secure. There was no actual security issue, but the notification no longer appears.
  • In some cases with Route Sheets, the dropdown list was not displaying all Resources. This is now working correctly.
  • There were a few issues with audit trail records not appearing when they should on Master Packages. For example, you should see an audit trail record indicating when it was set to “Need to Generate” and “Renewed.” Audit trail records now appear as expected.


  • On the V3 Forms Response screen, the Account Update dialog screen sometimes displayed empty fields for Billing Notes and Office Notes if a form was filled in, but no change was made to those fields. Now, these fields appear only when an update was made.
  • If a Form was too long, clicking the Credit Card Update button on the form wouldn’t scroll you to the top to fill in the credit card details. This has been fixed.


  • Some Custom Fields could not be downloaded if the Custom Field had the same name as another in the company that already had “(MP)” appended to the end. This has been fixed.

My Day

  • The link on My Day to our On Demand Classes was temporarily broken, but it's working again.


  • The filter “Is High Priority” has been renamed to “Is Important” to match the wording on the Tickets list screen.
  • On Tickets list screens, if multiple Tickets were selected, the options under the Advanced Actions menu were not appearing automatically. This has been corrected.
  • In some cases, merging Accounts that have Tickets caused some Tickets to lose part of their original information. This now works correctly.
  • Previously, updating the most recent item in a Ticket wasn’t updating the Subject line on the Ticket List. This has been fixed.

V3 Screens

  • In some cases, the Cancel dialog screens in V3 did not resize properly on smaller devices. These now appear correctly on all devices.


Mobile Apps

Legacy App

  • Enhancement: You now can schedule a calendar event for an Account from the Legacy app.
  • Enhancement: On the My Schedule screen, you’ll no longer see the Map option for calendar events if there is no valid address to map to.
  • In some cases, updating or saving a Ticket would clear out the Category field that appeared on SA. This has been fixed.

Team App

  • Enhancement: If you’re not running the latest version of the Team app, you’ll now see the reminder message: “There's an update available” along with a link. This appears on the login screen and in the menu. Click the link to go to the app page in either Google Play or the App Store.
  • For navigation, the Account’s street address was sometimes used instead of the latitude/longitude. The latitude/longitude of a location are now used if available.
  • Hourly services on invoices were calculating incorrectly in rare cases. This is now working as expected.


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