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Service Autopilot now offers an email integration subscription that can bring emails from your email provider directly into SA. This cuts down the number of applications you need to use to get a task done. Before you can integrate your company email address or personal email addresses, you will need to enable the User Right to do so.

To integrate your email address, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Email Integrations
  2. Click on the applicable link to connect to an inbox.


  3. On the Add Email overlay, enter the email address for the inbox you would like to connect. Pricing information will be displayed indicating your updated Email Integration subscription amount.


  4. Click Confirm
  5. For shared inboxes, click Add User to assign users to the connected inbox. To see the users you have already added, click the carrot on the left side of the row to display users.  
  6. Next, you will need to go into your email provider's settings to forward your mail to the email address that was auto-generated on the right side of the Email Integrations screen.
    You will need this to forward your mail from your email provider to SA. Start by clicking the Copy icon next to the email address that generates at the top right of the Email Integrations page.


  7. Click View our Help Guide for your specific email provider.
    Note: Only Gmail and Outlook addresses are currently supported at this time. 
  8. Follow the instructions to set up mail forwarding. 

After the new inbox is connected, emails will come into SA as Tickets.

Note: When sending an email from SA, if there are inboxes connected, the From field will default to the email address used in your Integration. This is not necessarily the same email address that's set up on the Employee/Vendor's profile page. You can change this anytime by selecting a different email address from the dropdown list.
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