Release Notes | January 22, 2021


This release of Service Autopilot introduces numerous enhancements and fixes. Read on for details.


Date Filters

We changed the Date filters on the V3 Invoices List, Account List, and Tickets List to clarify wording and to be consistent with other screens. For instance, the operators "Is less than" changed to "Is earlier than" and "Is greater than" changed to "Is later than.”

These filters changed:

  • Termination Date → Account List
  • Installment Plan Expires Date → Account List
  • Ticket Due Date → Tickets List
  • Due Date → Invoices List

These operators changed:

  • Is equal to → Is exactly
  • Is less than → Is earlier than
  • Is greater than → Is later than
  • Is less than or equal to → Is earlier than or exactly
  • Is greater than or equal to → Is later than or exactly

We made optimizations to list page performance for these screens:

  • Account List
  • Invoice List
  • Credits List
  • Payments List
  • Expenses List
  • Installment Plan List


  • We added a new replacement field called Estimate Link URL that you can insert into a document, Estimate Email, or text message from an automation. This replacement field works like the existing Estimate Link replacement field, but instead of the user seeing something like “Click Here” which conceals the URL, the Estimate Link URL field will display the URL.

GPS Tracking

  • We made the Starting and Ending points clearer on GPS Tracking.


  • V2 Invoices now display the Invoice Due Date as with V3 Invoices. While users are creating new invoices, changing the Billing Terms will affect this date as well.

Legacy App

  • You now can edit a Ticket’s Status and Category.


  • You can now inactivate Employees, Vendors, and Teams (Crews) from the Employees, Vendors, or Teams lists.


  • The Advanced Actions on the Ticket List now automatically displays without having to expand them if they are the only actions available.
  • A Tickets Quick Add label has changed from "Account/Lead" to "Account/Vendor" to clarify what can be selected.

Two-Way Texting

  • To improve Two-Way Texting speed, we made some optimizations within Service Autopilot. For larger companies who maintain a lot of active Message Center feeds, you may notice faster loading times.

V3 Mobile Devices

In V3, we made some updates to improve responsiveness for mobile screens:

  • The V3 Job Wizard was overhauled to be responsive (fields go full-width, summary stacks, etc.) We also improved some of the wording to make descriptor text
  • The Visit Review Notes and Attachments overlay now runs faster.
  • The V3 Account Review screen now loads more quickly.
  • We enabled the Help Menu to be opened while the Navigation menu is open.


Updates to Correct System Issues

V2 Accounts

  • We corrected some issues related to deleting and merging clients.
  • In some cases, packages filters could cause the Clients list to not load data correctly. This has been fixed. The filters are:
  • Package - Auto Renew
  • Package - Call to Renew
  • Package - Do not Renew
  • Schedule/Packages
  • Custom Package - End Date

V3 Accounts

  • In some cases, users could see and add contacts who had the same name as the primary contact (the Client) on the account. It now filters those out so it doesn't look like there’s a duplicate contact.


  • The Automation View has been updated to show the Form that triggered the sequence.
  • Previously, the "Expecting Response" and "Wait for Response" options set on a Text Message Event would not show on the Automation View. This now works as expected.

Calendar Events

  • In V3, we fixed the Google Auto-Fill to work correctly on the Location input. We also added the ability to open the Map and see the location from there.


  • For leads created from texting to the Two-Way Texting phone number, estimates were not being added and saved, but they now work as expected.

V3 Forms

  • There was a problem with V3 Form Responses in the Activity Stream showing a blank avatar icon for who filled it out. This displays correctly now.
  • In some cases, the dropdown menu and multiple choice fields mapped to Custom Fields weren't displaying the options in the correct sorted order. Now, the sort order matches other screens like the Client View when modifying a custom field.

V2 Forms

  • Sometimes, the Submit button would become unresponsive if a Review field was on the form and marked as required. This has been fixed.

Installment Plans

  • In some cases, clicking to save an Installment Plan more than once would generate duplicate installment plans. This has been corrected.


  • When printing invoices, if a company didn't have an Invoice Logo set, they would receive a red error message where the logo should have been. This error no longer appears.
  • When applying a payment to an invoice from the Payment (not through the Invoice), an audit trail message would not be recorded on the Invoice, only on the Payment. This was fixed.


  • In some cases on the Survey Event for QDS integrations, a Body tab would display sometimes, even though there's no body. This has been corrected.


  • Previously, Legacy Reports from a V3 screen were not opening the same page as in V2. This has been fixed.

Service Autopilot

  • There was a problem with exporting services tied to Custom Fields if they contained special characters. These exports now generate correctly.
  • Some older companies who still have a website link were having trouble accessing this page. This has been fixed.
  • The navigation menu item for “Clients” and “Leads” has been changed to “Accounts” when users are currently opted in to use V3, regardless of the screen they are on.
  • When viewing SA on mobile devices, the Settings button on the navigation menu sometimes did not open Settings correctly. This has been fixed.


  • If scrolling through the Account/Vendor list, the Ticket’s Quick Add was not sorting in alphabetical order. This now sorts correctly.
  • In some cases, trying to bulk update multiple Tickets would result in an error. This has been fixed.
  • We removed the user right Scheduling > View Touchpoints because Touchpoints have been replaced by Tickets.
  • The CalendarTo Do” Activity filter has been removed because To Do’s have been replaced by Tickets.
  • In some cases, not all Ticket Review data was appearing. This has been fixed.
  • The Ticket was Reopened trigger in Automations was not firing if changing the status of the Ticket from a Note, Call, or Email. This has been fixed.
  • We removed a couple of duplicated Replacement Field options from the body list inside Automation Events. These were Client Portal Link and Name on Invoice.
  • The Ticket Event in Automations was not using a selected Document's subject This has been fixed.
  • Previously, not all Tickets created using Ticket Events in Automations had their resource assignment set correctly if there was more than one in a sequence. This now works as expected.

Legacy App

  • Tickets weren't displaying the entire note on the Legacy app. This has been corrected.

Marketplace—Certified Advisors Only

  • Previously, if you tried to upload an Automation that had a trigger selected but no value (for instance, a “Form was Submitted” trigger with no Form selected), this would prevent the item from uploading to the Marketplace. This has been fixed.


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