Send an Email from a Client Account

Emails can be sent to client accounts from many different places in SA. One place is from the Client Account screen. Click the Send dropdown menu and select "Email":


This will open the Send Email overlay:


From here, there are many actions you can take:

  • Modify or add email addresses to send the email to by using the "To" field and the dropdown arrow at the right.
  • Modify the From email address. The default address in this field can vary based on Email Integration settings, otherwise, it will be your company email address.
  • Use Merge Tags to personalize your email by clicking the Personalize button.
  • If you have custom Documents built in SA through the Document Editor, you can apply one to the email to save time by clicking Search Documents.
  • Use the paper clip icon at the bottom of the overlay to add attachments such as photos to your email.

When you're finished with your email, click Send. It will then appear in the Client's Activity Stream along with a status of the sent email. 

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