Using the Quick Help Widget

The Quick Help Widget is a tool you can find on any page in Service Autopilot that lets you quickly access information and training materials. To get started, click the question mark Help button on the right side of the navigation bar:


This opens the Quick Help overlay:


Use Quick Search to find articles and videos without leaving SA. Use the search bar to search for the Help Center content you want to view. Select an item in the list to view the article right in the widget. If you want to view the article in the Help Center, click the icon at the top-right to open it in a new tab in your browser:


Click Announcements to learn about our latest releases, newest features, and more.
Select Live Chat to chat with one of our Support Representatives. This will take you to a form to fill out for assistance. If a chat agent is available, a chat session will start when you submit the form. If a chat agent is not available, you can still submit the form by clicking Leave message and a Member Support Representative will follow up with you.
Click Share Your Feedback to share suggested improvements with our Development team.
Click Schedule Training to view and schedule one of our many training options

The Help Guides on This Page option will show if interactive walkthroughs are available for the page you are currently on.


Select the Guide you wish to view then follow along to learn more on the topic.


If you want to go straight to the Help Center without searching for an article first, hover over your avatar in SA and click Help Center:


 If you’re looking for information about Certified Advisors, that option is now housed in this menu as well.

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