Using the Help Center

What is the Help Center? It's a hub of information about all the functionality in Service Autopilot. Our Help Center is now public, which means that you can take the URL from this page or any article you find and share it with anyone. They won’t need to log in to SA to view the content.

You can access the help Center in two ways:

  1. Click the Quick Help icon then select Find Answers Quickly to search for HC articles and videos:

    Quick Help.jpg

  2. Hover over your Avatar icon then click Help Center.

The Help Center home page looks like this:


Click the Service Autopilot logo from anywhere in the HC to go back to the home page:


The fastest way to get answers is by using the search bar. This will query nearly a thousand different items, including text articles, videos, and interactive training courses.

Tip: If you want information about a specific topic, use the same words you see in SA. For example, if you need to know how to set up the Wall Clock feature for your Resources, then search “wall clock” and the article you need should appear near the top:


Use the buttons below the search bar to quickly and easily access our most frequently used content. Use the “What’s New at Service Autopilot” section to view our newest content, including Release Notes. This ensures you don’t miss any updates. Prefer to browse? Scroll down to the "Knowledge Base" section.  Click any of the tiles to begin browsing by topic. If you still can’t find what you need, you can always submit a request to our Member Support Team by emailing

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