The SA Manage Service App

The SA Manage Service App is an app your clients can download to their personal devices to quickly and easily manage their Account from anywhere. 


Downloading the App

To download, the user will need to visit their app store and search "SA Manage Service". Once they download the app to their device of choice, they will use the same login credentials that they use for the full site. 

When the user logs in, they will have the option to enable Face ID so they do not have to use a username and password to log in every time.  


The "Home" Tab

Upon logging in, the home screen of the app will look something like this:


Users will see the outstanding balance on their Account, the date of their next service, any open Tickets (if enabled), a button to call your company's phone number, and a button to make a Prepayment (if enabled).

For users with related properties on their account, the address at the top will be of the primary or Parent Account by default. Tap the address to switch between properties:


The total amount of outstanding Invoices will be displayed on the home screen in red. The next upcoming service date will also be displayed.

Use the buttons at the bottom to navigate around the app.


The "Billing" Tab

The "Billing" tab will display current, outstanding Invoices by default with an option to make a Prepayment at the bottom of the list (if enabled):


To pay an Invoice from this screen, tap the Invoice and then the blue Pay button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to a screen to confirm the payment method:


Tap the blue amount in the upper right corner of the screen and then tap Pay on the confirmation pop up to complete the Payment. 

The "Billing" tab has two additional tabs to explore: the "Payment" tab:


Here, the user can view or modify the credit card on their account and see if they are enrolled in Auto Pay. You can modify the Auto Pay settings from the "More" tab.

The "Past" tab will display past transactions including paid Invoices, Payments, and Credits:


Note: the SA Manage Service app does not support payments through or Payroc at this time. 


The "Services" Tab

The "Services" tab allows users to see the next upcoming Services:


Use the tabs at the top of the table to view a list of all Services on the Account (by Property):


or a list of Visits that have already been completed. Users can open a Ticket from any Visit on the "Future" tab or any Job on the "My Services" tab, including change and cancellation requests (if enabled via the Client Portal Settings).


The "Tickets" Tab

The "Tickets" tab allows users to see lists of open and closed Tickets as well as allow them to submit a new Ticket using the button at the bottom of the page:



The "More" Tab

The "More" tab is where users can manage their password, username, security questions, additional information, Face ID settings, and Auto Pay settings:


This screen will also show the social media widgets that go to the accounts designated in the Client Portal Settings and contact information based on the Company Settings, if applicable. 

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