About Email in Service Autopilot

There are several reasons you may send emails in Service Autopilot. Pro and Pro Plus Members can send Email Blasts and Bulk Emails to a group of clients from the Dispatch Board or Client List. Email Integration subscriptions can also be purchased to bring emails directly from your email provider into SA making for direct communication with your clients from a single location. All Members can Invoice via email and send out several Estimates at once.

Whether you’re sending thousands, a few, or just one email, being able to track your email activity efficiently means the difference between making and losing money, keeping and losing clients, and keeping and losing your good standing with clients. On the Email Activity screen, you can see if your emails are being received, read, bounced, and more effectively manage your client relationships.

Any email sent to clients, whether individually or as part of a batch, will appear on the Activity Stream of the Account where the email was sent.

Note: Unless an Email Integration subscription is purchased, email in Service Autopilot is one-way; emails can only be sent from SA. Incoming emails or replies will not appear in your SA account. Instead, they return to the email address where the original message was sent from. You would need to log into your email account to see any replies.

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