Tools for Helping Clients with the Client Portal

The Client Portal is designed to help your clients help themselves to complete tasks such as making Payments and keeping track of Services. These are some tools you can use to help streamline your business practice to help your clients to use the Client Portal. 


A Client Can't Remember Their Username or Password

If a client can't remember their username, you can see if they have registered in any number of ways. You can view the client's username on the "Account Overview" panel of the V3 Review Account Overlay:


You can also email the client's username to them by using the "Client Portal User Name" Personalization Field:


In your email, this Merge Tag will appear as: [username] and the username will be revealed to the user when they receive the email. 

Once the user has their username, they can reset their password on their own. You cannot view or reset this password from within SA. As a matter of security, users must reset their own passwords.

NOTE: Resending the registration link will NOT allow the user to change their username or password. This link only works once per Account.


"Client Portal Emails" Marketplace Bundle

This is a free bundle we provide to Members through the Marketplace to save you the time and hassle of creating new Documents. The bundle contains two Documents that provide basic information about the Client Portal and instructions on how a new or returning user can create a Client Portal account. To access it, in your SA account, hover over the avatar in the top-right corner of the screen and select "Marketplace". Then, search for "Client Portal Emails" in the search bar to view information about the bundle. Click the green download button to download the items into your account:


To view the Documents, go to Settings > Documents. You will see your new downloads listed as "Client Portal - New Client" and "Client Portal - Update Existing" along with the date you downloaded the bundle. We strongly recommend that you edit your Documents so they at least have your company logo in them before sending them to your clients. 


Merge Tags

Once a user creates a Client Portal account, you will not be able to view the username or password on that account. If a client contacts you needing that information, there are Merge Tags that can help you communicate this information to clients. Merge Tags are personalization fields you can add to any Document or email within SA. When the item is sent to a client, the field will personalize based off of the information on their Account. 

If you prefer to make your own Documents rather than use the ones offered in the Marketplace or as templates, here is a list of the Client Portal related Merge Tags:

  • Client Portal Link - this will appear your full Client Portal URL as a clickable link.
  • Client Portal Password - this will appear as the user's Client Portal Password. Note: the Client Portal has a self-password reset function that clients can use if they forget their password.
  • Client Portal Signup - this will send the client a secure link to register for the Client Portal that is associated to their Account. When clicked, a verification code will be automatically filled for the user so they can begin the registration process. 
  • Client Portal User Name - this will appear as the user's Client Portal username.
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