Edit Calendar Event Categories

You can customize any of the Calendar Event Categories that are pre-built into your SA Account. This includes adding new, editing, inactivating, and deleting categories. To view and edit the list, go to Settings > Calendar Event Categories. This will take you to the Calendar Event Categories list screen:



Add a New Calendar Event Category

To add a new category, click the Add Category button in the upper right corner of the screen or go to Actions > Add Category. Then, add a name to the Add Category overlay and click Save:



Edit an Existing Calendar Event Category

Click any of names in the list to view the Edit Category overlay:


Here, you can modify the name or individually inactivate the category.


Change the Status of Calendar Event Categories

From the list screen, you can activate, inactivate, or delete categories in bulk. Simply check the box(es) next to the items you want to modify and select the appropriate option from the Actions menu. Use the tabs at the top of the table to view items by status.


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