Update Notes | March 18, 2021

This release addresses some feedback we’ve heard from you about new Client Portal. It also makes some improvements for users of Authorize.net credit card processing.

Client Portal Registration Updates

We made some changes to simplify the process of logging into and registering for the new Client Portal:

  • We removed a verification step that asked for the client’s phone number and registration code the first time they go to the CP.
  • We also removed the Signup link from the Client Portal login page. Instead, clients can use the following options to register.

To register for the new Client Portal:

  • Existing Client Portal users can simply go to the Client Portal location they have always used, then log in with their existing username and password.
  • New Client Portal users: You send each client a Registration link, and they click the link to create their Client Portal account. (You can email the link using the “Client Portal Signup” replacement field.)

Authorize.NET Updates

For users of Authorize.net credit card processing, we made these improvements:

New Step to Make a Payment

We added a step to the Make a Payment overlay for clients to choose their credit card type. If you added a client’s credit card in Service Autopilot:

  • Clients can now see credit cards on file that you added in Service Autopilot. Previously, these were not appearing to the client.
  • Clients can make payments without having to re-add their credit card.


Fixed Authorize.net Issue

Some clients who tried to add a card on file would see an error: "Customer Information Manager not enabled," even if this was enabled in the Authorize.NET account. This issue has been fixed.

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