Guest Checkout in the Client Portal

Your clients have the ability to pay single invoices without ever creating a Client Portal account. This is useful if you have a lot of clients who have one-time services as opposed to recurring services. There are two parts to getting a client to use guest checkout: sending them the link via email and what the client does to pay the invoice. 


Pay Now Merge Tags

There are two Merge Tags you can use in your Invoice Email Documents that will take users directly to guest checkout, the "Invoice Pay Now" and "Invoice Pay Now URL" Merge Tags:


These Merge Tags can only be found in the Document Editor on Documents with a type of "Invoice Email". They can also be found in the Personalization selector on any email overlay regardless of the Document applied:


The "Invoice Pay Now" Merge Tag will display as a hyperlink reading "Pay Now". The "Invoice Pay Now URL" Merge Tag will display as a full URL directing to your Client Portal. If the client clicks either link it will take them to the same location as described below.

For instructions on how to make the "Invoice Pay Now URL" Merge Tag into a button in a Document, see this article


How to Use Guest Checkout

These are the steps your client would need to take to complete a transaction as a guest in the Client Portal:

  1. In the email, locate and click the "Pay Now" link.
  2. On the Client Portal landing page, click Pay as Guest.


  3. On the Make a Payment page, click "Add a Credit/Debit Card".


  4. Fill out the credit card overlay and click Save Card.


  5. Click PAY INVOICES to complete the transaction. 

Making a Payment as a guest in the Client Portal will not save the credit card information to an Account. In order to do this, the user would need to create a Client Portal user account

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