Email Activity Screen Tabs

The Email Activity screen at Marketing > Email Activity has five tabs that indicate the status of your email: Results, Scheduled, Processing, Completed, and Archived:


Note: Some of your clients or their email providers may have configured their email accounts to prevent companies from gathering statistical information from emails. In this case, those emails will not return any stats.


Results Tab

The “Results” tab appears by default when you go to Marketing > Email Activity. This screen contains the full list of batch emails that have been created, except for those you’ve archived.

If the “Completed” column shows “Failed” it means there was an error.


Scheduled Tab

Depending on the size of the batch you’re sending, the traffic on SA servers, and the number of other requests for email that are pending at the time of your request, you may see a batch sitting on the “Scheduled” tab for a few minutes, similar to a document in a printer queue. As other Batch Email requests are processed, yours will move in the queue from “Scheduled” to “Processing.”

Your batch may be in this stage for only a few seconds, or during times of heavy traffic such as Invoicing days, the batch may take longer to progress.


Processing Tab

This tab lists emails that are in the process of being sent. The speed of this operation depends on traffic, the size of the batch, and how easily email addresses are verified. As soon as email is finished processing, the batch moves to the “Completed” tab.


Completed Tab

Emails on the “Completed” tab have been sent and all processes on our end have been completed. Now, you can check on the status of those emails by clicking into an Email Batch line on the main screen.

Archived Tab

The “Archived” tab contains emails you have sent to archive.

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