Check the Delivery Status of Batch Emails

On the Email Activity screen, you can select a line item from the list of Batch Emails to see the status of your email. In other words, where is it in the journey to reach each intended recipient?
To get started, go to Marketing > Email Activity. Click an item in the list to view the statistics overlay for the email. Then click one of the "Broadcast Stats" to see additional information:


If you click the "Total Sent" number as seen in the above screenshot, it will take you to a list of all emails sent in the batch with no filters applied:


Seeing the status of emails can help you troubleshoot problems. For example, if you see bounced emails, you might be able to call your client to see if you used a bad email address.

  • Click a client’s name to go to the Client screen for that client.
  • Click anywhere else on an individual line to see the original email.
  • Check the progress of the email delivery indicated by the “Status” column and the icon on the right.

For more information about Email Statuses, see "Email Statuses - Explained". 


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