Add or Remove Tags Based on Email Deliverability

Some of the numbers for categories are clickable on the Batch Email Statistics screen. Clicking an individual, linked number takes you to a new screen that lists which client emails fell into that category.

From here, you might want to do some type of follow-up such as adding tags with the Bulk Create tool. This can help you easily keep track of what Accounts are or are not receiving their emails. To do this, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Marketing > Email Activity.
  2. Click an email to view the Email Statistics overlay.
  3. Click the percentage for the statistic you want to view in detail.
  4. Select the recipients you want to add or remove Tags from.
  5. Go to Actions > Bulk Create.


  6. On the Bulk Create overlay, select one or more tags to apply to the client records. Use the blue toggle switch to change "Add" to "Remove", if applicable.


  7. Click Add Tag to add or remove additional tags.
  8. Click Add Tags to close the overlay and save your changes.
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