View Client Portal Registrants

Below are several ways to identify your clients who have registered for the Client Portal.

The V2 Client List

To access the V2 Client List, go to CRM > Clients  then select the Registered for the Client Portal filter:


Set the filter to Registered or Not Registered:


Click Search to apply the filter.

The V2 Client Screen

From the V2 Client screen, you'll see text near the top that reads Registered for the Portal:


If a client has not registered, no text will display in this area. You can also see when the client registered for the portal by accessing the Audit Trail. Go to More > Audit Trail to open the overlay.



V3 Accounts List

To access the V3 Accounts list, go to CRM > Accounts. Click Add Filter and select Registered For Client Portal:


Select the radio button for yes or no:


Click Update filter to see the results.

V3 Account Review Overlay

On the Account Review overlay, you'll see the date the user registered for the Client Portal in the Account Overview panel:


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