Release Notes | April 9, 2021

This release addresses requests from you, our Members. There are important enhancements to Tickets, the Client Portal, and Email Integration, along with many other fixes and tweaks. We honor your feedback!

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You can always find release notes for this and previous releases in the
Help Center under “What’s New at SA.”


Tickets Enhancements

Improved Layout

  • We added a new card to the V3 Account Review screen that will show you an “At a glance” look at Tickets for an account.
  • You can easily see all Open, On Hold, or Pending Tickets.
  • We moved the Account Note and Account Overview cards to the left side to make more room for Open Tickets and the Activity Stream.

Expanded Information

The Ticket Review and Account Activity Streams for V2 and V3 now provide more information for Notes, Calls, Emails, and Events:

  • Ticket Assignment
  • Ticket Number
  • Time Created (under the Date Created)
  • Ticket Status
  • Attachments
  • Comments (events)
  • To/From Email Address (only on Account Review for now)
  • Email Status along with a time stamp

Adding Tickets

  • We added fields for Assignment and Due Date.
  • When creating a Ticket, the Subject line remains a required field, but the Body field is no longer required.
  • After you create a Ticket, you’re no longer taken to the Ticket Review screen automatically.
  • You’ll instead see a pop-up message saying the Ticket was created, with a link to the Ticket Review that you can choose to click if you want to.
  • This allows for faster back-to-back Ticket creation using Quick Add.

Reviewing Tickets

We made some “quality of life” improvements to the Ticket Review including:

  • You now can view attachments for Notes and Calls on Tickets.
  • When a new Note/Call/Event is added to a Ticket, the cursor goes to the Body field automatically, to make it easier to type a message and save.
  • When a Ticket is past due, the Due Date now displays in red with “Past Due” under it.
  • We moved the Ticket Category to be more prominent on the left of the header. This is in response to Member feedback that the Ticket Category was much more important than the Ticket Number.
  • We changed the “Mark as Unimportant” advanced action to now say
    Clear Important.”
  • We also updated the audit trail to clearly reflect when a Ticket is marked as Important or not.
  • We updated the responsiveness of the Ticket Review to look better on mobile devices, similar to the Account Review.
  • The “Subject” column on the Ticket List now reflects any changes made to the Subject field on a Ticket. Previously, the Ticket showed only the original subject entered on a Ticket.

Client Portal Enhancements

Guest Checkout

We added a Guest Checkout experience to the Client Portal.

  • This is for Members who send an “Invoice Pay Now” or “Invoice Pay Now URL” replacement field, or if you use the Pay Now link on invoices.
  • Your clients can now make a one-time payment, or they can log in to the CP to use their existing payment methods or view the rest of their account.

Client Registration and Credentials

  • Clients can now update email and phone contact information from the “Account” tab on the Client Portal.
  • Clients now have an opt-in option for email and text communications, which they can select during the Client Portal registration process.

This helps to improve email deliverability and gives your company permission from clients for communications. It’s similar to sending an “Opt In” link through email or automations.

  • We clarified the error message for clients who were in the process of updating a password but got the old password wrong.
  • When a client uses the Forgot Security Question, the email we send now includes the client’s company name to improve deliverability.
  • We changed the credit card expiration messages to be a little more helpful. They now say: "Your card will expire soon” and "Your card has expired."

Who’s Registered?

You can identify your clients who registered for the Client Portal in various ways:

  • V2 Clients List has a new filter for “Registered for the Client Portal.”
  • V2 Client View now shows near the top whether a client has been registered or not (in addition to the audit trail).
  • V3 Accounts List has a new filter for “Registered for the Client Portal,” which contains Yes/No options.
  • V3 Account Review now shows in the Account Overview section the date that a client registered for the Client Portal.

Other SA Enhancements

Account Review (V3)

We added a field to display the client portal username. It can be found in
the Account Overview section of the page.


We made some updates to Automations in an effort to support Calendar
Event-based automations—so they don’t have to be based on Tickets.

  • There’s a new trigger: Calendar Event was Created.
  • We’ve added these replacement fields:
  • Calendar Event Start Date
  • Calendar Event End Date
  • Calendar Event Start Time
  • Calendar Event End Time

Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

Calendar Events

Future Calendar Events

We added Future Events to the Account Activity Stream in V2 and V3.
You now can now see upcoming Calendar Events for an account.

Calendar Event Categories

You can now organize your Tickets one way while organizing their
Calendar Events another way (even if they’re not tied to a Ticket).

  • There is a new setting for Calendar Event Categories under
    Settings > Calendar Event Categories.
  • These can be assigned to an event from anywhere in SA.
  • This will have preset options by default, similar to Ticket categories,
    but you can customize the list separately from Ticket Categories.
  • Having a separate category is required to run Automations off
    Calendar Events (a new Automations feature with this release).

Company Settings/My Day

In Company Settings, the option “Enable Setup Checklist” has been removed. That checklist no longer appears on the My Day page.

  • This type of information can now be found in pop-up announcements and Knowledge Base articles.

Email Integrations

  • Previously, you could send email attachments on only outbound emails. With this release, you also can receive attachments on inbound emails.
  • We now support iCloud in Email Integrations.


We simplified the View My Proposal screen to always show the “Subtotal” section if your company’s Estimate Settings are turned on.

  • Now, you can specify in Settings > Estimate Settings whether you want the Subtotal to display on the Estimate Grid, on the View My Proposal screen, or both.

V3 Forms

We’ve heard there was some confusion around office forms not creating new accounts. To help clarify this, we’ve made these updates:

  • The descriptor text on the Publish step now says “Only Website forms can create new accounts.”
  • When you are creating a form and select Office on the “Account Management” tab, you should be aware that this option will only update accounts, but not create So we added a new reminder that will display. If you decide to change the form to a “Website” option, you can click “Fix Issue” to make that change.

V2 Forms

Due to popular demand, we added back the “Fill out Form” functionality for employees in V2 Forms.


Now, a Master Job will always look at the default permanent assignment on a team when populating the Team Size field.


In response to Member requests, we brought back the “Via Client Portal” message for payments on the V2 Client List > All Transactions and on the
V2 Payments List.

Report Center

The Planned Chemical Usage report is now available in the Report Center.

Route Sheets

  • We improved the speed of the Route Sheets
  • For condensed route sheets, Calendar Events display on the same page with other visits.
  • Each Calendar Event will also appear on separate pages. We made this change in response to requests for this to function like the old To Do’s.
  • You can choose to not print the extra pages if you don’t need them.

Team App and Legacy App

Calendar Events

  • We now show the Calendar Event category on both the Team and Legacy apps, between the Subject and Description sections when viewing an event.
  • Completing a Calendar Event no longer automatically completes the Ticket associated with it.
  • If the Account is updated on a Ticket, SA now updates any associated Calendar Events with the updated Account name.

Legacy App

  • You now can choose an Event Category when creating a Calendar Event from the Legacy App.


Updates to Correct System Issues

Client Portal

  • In some cases, clients were unable to add a card from the Make a Payment This now works as expected.
  • In some cases, clients were unable to reset their password using the Forgot Password This has been fixed.
  • Some clients imported with QuickBooks Online would not generate a registration code, preventing them from signing up for the Client Portal. This now works as expected.
  • In some cases, a cancelled service might display in upcoming services to the client. This has been fixed.
  • For NET and CardConnect members, adding a card on file through the Client Portal would not update their payment method within SA to the correct card type.
  • Making a one-time payment using SA Payments would not show the First and Last Name entered on the card on the Payment screen, though other details would appear.
  • In rare cases, Client Portal registration could time out or prevent a client from registering. This is now working.
  • Ticket Events that came from old To Do events and had a document selected that had not been re-saved, were populating the new Ticket with a subject “Created from an automation” instead of using the Document’s subject. This has been fixed.
  • If a client using ACH tried to remove a bank account from the Client Portal, this could result in an error and not remove correctly.
  • We fixed a couple of issues with Payroc concerning billing information. In some cases, billing information appeared even though we didn’t have this data; an error would then appear when using a different card for payment.

V2 and V3 Accounts

  • We added validation and fixed a problem in which accounts could have parent relationships that lead back to themselves. This could cause issues with QuickBooks and balances showing incorrectly.

V2 and V3 Accounts

Job and Visit Filters

  • On the Accounts List, the Job and Visit sub-filters would remain after filtering if they were left open without a selection. These now clear automatically to avoid confusion.
  • On mobile devices, the Cancel button for a sub-filter was cut off. This now appears correctly.

V2 Accounts

  • On V2 Accounts, we updated the “Add Note/Call” action to read “Add Ticket” for consistency across screens.
  • Previously, when clicking on an Automations event in the Activity Stream, you could not open the Automations pipeline. This has been corrected.


  • Ticket Events that created a Calendar Event could in some cases set the incorrect Budgeted Hours. This has been corrected.

Calendar Events

  • We moved the Repeats button to the left side of screen, so it’s no longer hidden by the Help
  • Some Calendar Events were being scheduled one day before the selected date. This now works as expected.


  • In some cases, information in replacement fields such as Job Date and Appointment Time were not being replaced correctly when a document was loaded. This has been fixed.


  • Form links for an Estimate Email used in a document were not populating correctly in some cases. This has been fixed.
  • There was an issue with View My Proposal not generating estimates by their estimate codes. This now works as expected.

Installment Plans

  • Users were unable to preview attachments added to an Installment Plan. This now functions as expected.

Legacy App

  • In some cases, Calendar Events created from Tickets would not map. This now works as expected.


  • On the Add Payment dialog, the “Use Billing Information” option wouldn’t populate with the First and Last Name information when using SA Payments as the credit card processor. This has been fixed.


  • If accounts that were already routed appeared and you tried to do another search, the same accounts would show again. We fixed this.
  • Recently, if you were using SA on the latest update of Chrome, the Assign Teams dialog was not showing the "X” to close the dialog. This has been fixed.
  • International addresses wouldn’t geocode the latitude/longitude correctly if your company is located outside the country where the address is located. This has been fixed.
  • Previously on the Route Sheets screen, you might not be able to load the sheets or see all resources in the dropdown list. This now works correctly.
  • When using Google Maps routing for multi-day jobs, an error sometimes occurred. This now works.

Report Center

  • The Scheduling Manager prevented some reports from being sent. This now works as expected.
  • In some cases, the Invoiced Income by Client report was not showing the correct year. This has been fixed.

Sales Campaigns

  • In some cases, Package Rounds might display out of order. This has been fixed.

Services/Products Settings

  • Previously, if you were trying to open or add new Services or Products, it could look like they were duplicated. They actually were not duplicated, but we fixed the issue to prevent confusion.

Snow Dispatch

  • In some cases, marking a Snow Event as inactive could also change the dates of completed visits to the date of the inactive event. This is fixed (just in time for summer!).

Team App

  • Previously, the route order for split assignments didn’t appear correctly. This has been corrected.
  • Some jobs were being completed in bulk This has been fixed.
  • Sometimes, un-dispatching a job sent the field employee a push notification that the job had been removed from the schedule, though that was not the case. This has been corrected.
  • In some cases, the Team app wasn’t displaying multi-day jobs on the second day. This has been corrected.
  • The Team app was incorrectly marking some multi-day job records as inactive. This has been fixed.


  • Some mobile device users were unable to view the entire Note screen. This has been corrected.

User Roles & Rights

  • Previously, if the “Company Settings” user right was disabled, the “Company” section still appeared under Settings. This has been fixed.
  • We removed the “Home Settings” user right since there are no screens tied to this anymore.
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