About the Email Statistics Overlay

After sending batch emails, you can check delivery rates and other data on the Email Statistics overlay. Go to Marketing > Email Activity and click any line in the table. The Email Statistics overlay for that email appears with the subject line of the email at the top:


The sections of this screen are explained below: 

Email Information

The top left section contains basic information about the selected email batch.


The date and timestamp for the email.


The user who created and sent the email.


Generally, this is your Company Email, which is automatically used for outgoing messages. If you changed this for a specific batch, the alternate email would appear here.


The subject line of the batch and the name that the batch appears under on the Email Activity screen.


Clicking View will open another dialog containing the body of the email you sent with any Personalization fields in brackets.


SA does not save attachments with individual emails. Although you cannot open attachments that you sent out with your batch, this field will list the names of any attachments that went out with it.

Note: Estimate emails always have a Quote attached, and Invoice emails always have an invoice attached, so those attachments will not be considered for this screen. Only Attachments that you manually add will appear


Send Progress

This section shows where your batch email is in the process.

Current Status

The current status of the email: Scheduled, Processing, Completed, Failed, or Archived.

Start and End Times

This tells you when the batch began processing and when SA finished sending it.

Emails Scheduled

The total number of emails you originally intended to send when you clicked the Send button.

Emails Skipped

Any emails that did not make it out of the scheduled queue. For example, if the batch is coming from Marketing, the system will skip emails of clients who have opted out of Marketing Emails.

Emails Sent

The number of emails that have finished processing and are ready to be delivered. This is the total number of emails that you initially scheduled when you created your batch minus emails that were skipped.


Broadcast Stats

The Broadcast Stats section gives a breakdown of what happened with the emails that went through the process, including the success rate of your batch, updates, and emails delivered or bounced.

Note: Once the emails have been sent, SA must wait for our email delivery service partner to get us the information on bounced emails, clicked links, etc. If they get bogged down, your batch of emails might be placed in a processing queue. This could delay updates in the Broadcast Stats section.

The pie graph on the left is interactive. Click any of the statuses to remove it from the chart. This is helpful to see more specific comparisons such as opened to unopened. 

Total Sent

The number of emails scheduled minus the number of skipped emails. Click the number to see an unfiltered list of the emails that went out in the batch.


The percentage of total sent and number of emails that were accepted by the recipient email servers. This does not mean the emails made it to the inbox or were opened.


The percentage of delivered and number of emails opened by the recipient.


The percentage of delivered and number of emails that haven't been opened yet.


The percentage of total scheduled and number of emails that were neither opened, nor received. You might have a bad email address, or the intended recipient might have a full inbox.


The percentage of total delivered and the number of emails rejected as spam.


The percentage of total scheduled and the number of emails that will not be delivered because the recipient is on a suppression list of some kind. 


The percentage of total scheduled and number of emails that cannot currently be delivered. Some deferred emails will be delivered eventually, but others may end up being bounced.

Links Clicked

The percentage of delivered and number of emails sent where a recipient clicked one of the URLs in the email that was generated using a Merge Tag (personalization field). 


The percentage of delivered and number of emails that were not sent because the recipient unsubscribed from communication. Service Autopilot determines which emails belong to unsubscribed clients before sending a batch. Also, if a recipient were to click on a (future) Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email you send, that email would appear under this category.


For more information about email statuses, please see this article

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