Add a Calendar Event from the Quick Add Menu

You can quickly and easily add a new Calendar Event from any V3 screen in Service Autopilot by using the Quick Add icon. Calendar Events can be used for any kind of non-billable work that needs to be done, such as scouting for Estimates. The overlay will look different if you are using a V2 or V3 screen.


Add a Calendar Event from a v3 Screen

  1. Hover over the Quick Add icon in the navigation bar and select Ticket


  2. Set the Ticket Type to Event. This will add more fields to the overlay: 


  3. Fill out the Account/Vendor, Ticket Category, Event Category, Subject, Body, Status, and Assignment as you would for any Ticket. 
  4. Begin typing a location of where the Resource needs to go to complete the task. This field will auto-populate addresses from Google as you type. This will prefill if an Account or Vendor is specified.
  5. Select a Start and End Date. These fields will default to the current date.
  6. Optionally, add an Appointment Time by selecting the radio button and entering a time. 
  7. Enter the Budgeted Hours for the task.
  8. Click Save

Upon saving, you can view your new Calendar Event on the Calendar, Dispatch Board, and Account (if assigned).


Add a Calendar Event from a v2 Screen

Follow the same steps as above to add the event. The formatting will be slightly different however the end result will be the same.



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