Alerts from the Client Portal

Under Client Portal Settings, you can select the Resources you want to receive alerts within SA for actions clients take in the Client Portal.
To do this, go to Settings > Client Portal Settings > Alerts tab:


Resources selected in the Alert Resources field will notice alerts appear in SA on the bell icon in the navigation bar. Alerts will generate based on one of the following actions taken by a client in the Client Portal:

  • If a client makes a Prepayment
  • If a client opts in OR out of autopay
  • If a credit card on file is removed from the Account
  • If a bank account on file is removed from the Account

The alerts will also generate based on the same actions if they happen in the Manage Service app

Note: Bank account information will only be available for Members who are integrated with Clearent as a payment processor and have undergone the underwriting process with Clearent for accepting ACH payments.
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