Add a New Account when Adding a New Ticket

You can add a Ticket and a new Account to SA at the same time. This is useful for office staff who may need to accomplish a number of tasks when onboarding a new customer. 

These steps are simplified to highlight the feature of adding a new Account. For full steps on adding a new Ticket, see this article

  1. From any V3 screen, hover over the Quick Add icon and select "Ticket":


  2. Click the Account/Vendor field to open the dropdown list and click Add Account:


  3. Fill out the Add Account overlay the way you would for any new Account.
  4. Click Save. This will take you back to the Add Ticket overlay.
  5. Continue filling out the Add Ticket overlay as you would normally. The new Account will be automatically selected for you:


  6. Click Save to save the new Ticket.
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