Make a Prepayment from the Client Portal

One option under Client Portal Settings is to allow clients to make Prepayments. Prepayments are a type of Payment that can be made separate from any existing Invoice. When a client makes a Prepayment, it will be marked as such on the Account. You can select the Services you want the Prepayment to automatically apply to once Invoices are generated. 

Note: Prepayments do not apply retroactively. If you need to apply the prepayment to an old invoice, you must do it manually under the Client's Account.

To make a Prepayment in the Client Portal, the client must follow these steps:

  1. From the Home tab, click the blue Make a Prepayment link in the account balance panel:


  2. By default, the credit card on file will be selected. Click Use Different Credit/Debit Card to enter a different card:


  3. Enter the amount of the Prepayment in the Amount to Prepay field.
  4. Click the green Prepay button.

 A message will display to confirm the transaction. After the Prepayment is made, the client will be able to see it immediately in their list of transactions on the Billing tab. 

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