Release Notes | May 14, 2021

With this release, Client Portal users can now make prepayments. We’ve also made plenty of improvements and fixes throughout SA. Enjoy!

Client Portal Enhancements


Your clients can now make Prepayments on the Client Portal. With this feature:

  • Clients can view their Prepayment amount along with balance information in the Client Portal and in the CP app. In the future, they’ll be able to make prepayments from the CP app.
  • Past Due invoices are now automatically selected for clients on the Billing screen to speed up paying their invoices
  • Clients can search for Prepayments under Billing

See “Make a Prepayment from the Client Portal” for more information.

Additional Information for Clients

  • We added functionality to let clients update Custom Fields from the Account page’s Additional Information You can specify which Custom Fields can display here under the Client Portal Settings.

Client Portal App

  • Clients using Payroc credit card processing can now make payments on the Client Portal app.
  • On the Client Portal app, when a user clicks Forgot Password > Forgot Security Questions, they can now enter a username and email to receive a recovery email, similar to the CP website functionality.

Client Portal Registration

  • We optimized the registration process for clients through the Client Portal to address some problems while registering a new client.

Client Portal Settings

You can find these new settings at Settings > Client Portal Settings.

  • You can specify a Max Payment Amount for credit card payments, to prevent the client from overpaying. This limit also applies to the client’s invoices and general payments.

    If a client tries to pay more than the maximum amount you’ve specified, they will see a Max Payment Amount reminder message.
  • The new setting Allow Clients to View and Make Prepayments defaults to Off. Be sure to select this check box to take advantage of the Prepayments feature.
  • The new Alert Resources setting lets you choose to be notified when:
      • Client opts in or out of Autopay
      • Prepayment is made
      • Credit card is removed
      • Bank Account is removed

          A dropdown list lets you select which employees receive these alerts.

  • A new Custom Fields setting lets you choose which fields display on the Client Portal on the “Account” tab under Additional Information.

    Select any fields from the dropdown list, and they will be available for the client to update.

For more information, see “Client Portal Settings.”


Service Autopilot Enhancements


  • On the Account Review Activity Stream, we made updates to Future Events to be consistent with other event records such as Past Events. Updates include:
      • Display Status of Ticket
      • Updated icon
      • Removed body of the event to make Future Events easier to read.
      • Show appointment start time
      • Card color is now white
      • Show comments

V2 Accounts

  • The V2 Clients List now has a “Registered for the Client Portal” filter to search on accounts that are registered or not registered. This is similar to the filter in V3.

Calendar Events

  • You now can add a Calendar Event from the Ticket Quick Add.

Email Activity

  • There was an “Email is Required” error with credit card processing for some international Members. This has been corrected.
  • We removed the option to "Remove from bounce/spam list" any emails you have sent that were either blocked or marked as spam. This change has been made to protect your deliverability rates. Any emails on this list are the addresses to which you cannot send email again. If there is a valid error on the list, such as a spelling error in the address, please contact Support to remove that particular email address.
  • We now do a virus scan for Email Attachments.
  • You’ll now see a warning if your Email Attachment file size exceeds the limit of 20MB total.


  • In V3 Forms, the "Embedded Form" option now redirects the whole page when using the "URL" Confirmation type, instead of only redirecting within the iFrame.

Sales Campaigns

  • We reworked how Sales Campaigns generate and print to address some issues in the past. Some highlights include:
      • You can start generating the Sales Campaign as usual and it will appear in a “Processing” status until it’s completed.
      • After a Sales Campaign has generated, you’ll see an alert to notify you that it’s finished, and you can now view it.
      • Viewing Sales Campaigns are now grouped into batches of 5,000 pages instead of 100 pages. This process is now more efficient.
      • Sales Campaign PDFs now expire after three days to free up space, similar to other exports like invoices. If needed, you can click the Print button again to re-generate the PDF.


  • Ticket Review Activity has been updated to make it more consistent with emails on the Account Review Activity We’ve added:
      • "From" or "To" email address
      • Status of the email with a timestamp of the status
  • You now can do a Quick Add to add an Account while you’re in the process of Quick-Adding a Ticket or Calendar Event.
  • Tickets on the My Day page are now ordered by Due Date, not Ticket number.

Mobile App Enhancements

Legacy app

  • When viewing a Chemical job on the Legacy app you now can use the Add Product option for any chemical products. Previously, only non-chemical products could be added.

Team app

  • Users now see a prompt for completing the Ticket when the last Calendar Event on a Ticket is marked completed. This does not affect repeating calendar events.


Updates to Correct System Issues


  • Some Members’ automation instances got stuck and would not process events correctly. Affected automation instances have been set to "stopped."

    We have done database maintenance to help keep automations processing running smoothly.

Calendar Events

  • Members would see an error when saving a Calendar Event with a subject over 100 characters. We now give a reminder: “The subject must be under 100 characters.”
  • We corrected an issue with Hrs on a Calendar Event not showing correctly based on the company’s work hours. This occurred on a specific case in which it was scheduled on multiple days with the same start and end time.

Client Portal

  • Previously, some Invoice PDF’s were not loading on the Client Portal. This has been fixed.
  • Some Invoice PDFs in the Client Portal displayed line items incorrectly. This has been fixed.
  • There was an “Email is Required” error with net credit card processing for some international Members. This has been corrected.
  • In some cases, an invoice displayed in the Client Portal in a different format than the Member selected under Invoice Customization.
  • We corrected an issue with being unable to add a card on file using CardConnect, OpenEdge, and Authorize.NET via a recently updated Chrome version.
  • There was a problem with saving cards on file using the Client Portal if the company had multiples of the same payment method in their system. This has been fixed.
  • Some companies that didn’t have Client Portal Settings were not seeing certain items, such as Transaction and Service History on the Client Portal.

Email Integration

  • In some cases, adding an additional user to a shared inbox in Email Integration caused an error. This has been fixed.


  • There was a problem loading QDS surveys. This now works as expected.

Report Center

  • Previously, the Schedule Manager was continuing to deliver Scheduled Reports for deactivated clients. This has been fixed.

SA Payments

  • We made an update to address an issue Members were reporting about payments staying in an “Auth” status within Clearent. This occurred when making payments through the Client Portal.

Sales Campaigns

  • Sales Campaigns weren’t printing services as "Upsell" if the service was previously scheduled on the account, but was cancelled. This has been corrected.


  • On the Dispatch Board, there were some problems with orders not being updated correctly if you manually routed visits. We made some changes to the drag and drop function to address this.
  • Generating an Installment Plan using the V3 Job Wizard was causing an error. This now generates correctly.
  • Users were unable to delete products from a Snow Job when it was in a “Completed” status. This has been fixed.
  • In some cases, custom schedules that were automatically renewed would display an incorrect audit record for visits with an appointment time, and the "Created" audit record displayed the name of an employee from the company. This has been fixed, and the created audit record now shows “Service Autopilot.”
  • Previously, adding notes to Repeating or Package jobs in V3 was not saving correctly. This now works as expected.

Service Autopilot

  • In a few cases, deactivating a Lead or Client was causing an error. This has been fixed.
  • Some V3 Installment Plans stopped displaying a validation error after correcting only one item and trying to save again. The system now selects the first row that needs to be corrected and displays the validation error again.


  • Previously, if you were editing a Ticket, you could not click to view attachments from Notes/Calls. You now can view these attachments.
  • In rare cases, an Account name might not appear on the Tickets list when the Ticket was assigned to the account. The issue has been resolved.
  • Previously, if you changed a Property Name in the Ticket list, the Account or Vendor Name might not be updated elsewhere in the system. This now works as expected.
  • We corrected the position of the date selection tool on these screens:
  • Ticket Add
  • Account Edit with a custom field of type Date
  • Ticket Quick Add > “Event” tab > Appointment Time > End Date

Mobile App Updates to Correct System Issues

Legacy app

  • Previously, attachments were not appearing in the Legacy app. This is working now.
  • In some cases, syncing the Legacy app was taking more than 20 minutes, and it might show an error of “Transaction Deadlock.” We’ve added some error logging to help analyze similar problems in the future.
  • While trying to log into the Legacy app, it would sometimes get stuck at “Payment Methods.” This has been corrected.

Team app

  • Apple Devices only: On the Team app for iOS, there was a problem with mapping Calendar Events to an address. This has been fixed.
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