Make Payments from the Manage Service App

This article explains how your clients can make Payments and Prepayments from the Manage Service app. The Manage Service app is the app your clients can use to manage their Client Portal account.

There are a few places where users can make Payments within the app. On the "Home" tab, tap the "Past Due" card to pay outstanding Invoices:


or scroll to the bottom of the same tab to make a Prepayment - a Payment that will apply to future Invoices:


On the "Billing" tab, tap the Invoices you want to pay to illuminate the Pay button:


If you need to make a Prepayment, tap the Make a Prepayment button at the bottom of the "Billing" tab:


Wherever you initiate the action, the payment screen looks similar for each:


Any credit cards or bank accounts on file will display, the top one will be auto-selected for use. If there are no payment methods on file, the user will have the option to add their card information. Tap the blue total in the top-right corner to complete the payment.

Prepayments have one additional step, to enter the amount of the Prepayment:





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