Release Notes | July 23, 2021

With this release, your clients have access to Tickets in the Client Portal app. We’ve also made numerous improvements to usability including:

  • New Help Button location
  • Enhancements to the Activity Stream
  • Automations triggers for Calendar Events
  • New settings to let you further customize the Client Portal and Client Portal app
  • Default filters for List Pages
  • Job Wizard improvements

Read on for details of these and other enhancements, plus fixes to system issues.

Need Help? Look Up!

The Help button has moved from the bottom right corner of your screen. You’ll now find a new icon on the navigation bar at the top right of every SA screen.

New location, same great information!

Client Portal App Enhancements

With this release, the Client Portal app now has the same Tickets functionality as the Client Portal. In the Client Portal app, clients can:

  • Open a new Ticket by tapping Tickets > Create a Ticket.
  • Choose a Ticket Category from a list you can customize. This includes two new categories: Cancel Request and Schedule Request.
  • Add an Attachment to a Ticket by searching in the gallery or taking a new photo.
  • View their closed Tickets.

Client Portal Enhancements

Your clients can now enjoy these updates to the Client Portal:

  • When the client is attaching files to Ticket requests, they’ll now see icons to indicate different file types, such as PDF or Doc files.
  • There are new Ticket Categories for “Reschedule Request” and “Cancel Request.
  • Clients can open a new Ticket for a Job from the Services screen. In SA, you’ll be able to see the Ticket related to that Job.
  • Clients can now add multiple attachments to a Ticket. They can remove an attachment by hovering over and clicking it.

Settings for the Client Portal and Client Portal App

We redesigned the Client Portal Settings dialog to have tabs, grouping similar items to make things easier to find. All settings you choose on this screen apply to both the Client Portal and Client Portal app.

  • On the “Tickets” tab, the check box Allow Clients to submit a Ticket controls whether clients can submit any Ticket requests from the Client Portal and app.

  • If you don’t want your clients to submit requests to reschedule or cancel services from the Client Portal and CP app, just leave the last two dropdown lists blank.
  • On the “Tickets” tab, you can select the Ticket categories your clients will see if they reschedule or cancel a Service Request.
  • On the “Services” tab, we clarified the reminder that the Pause Reason field will be seen by clients. (Just a word to the wise!)

Where do I customize the Client Portal app?

Any Client Portal settings you select also apply to the Client Portal app, such as:

  • Choose whether clients can View Open Tickets on the Client Portal Settings screen.
  • Select the Ticket Categories that clients can see on the Client Portal Settings screen.
  • Set the Display Order for Ticket Categories at Settings > CRM > Ticket Categories.

Activity Stream Enhancements (V2 & V3)

  • On the Account Review screen, we adjusted the placement of the Activity Stream search tool to give you better access to all parts of the screen. Click  the magnifying glass icon  to open the Search box.

  • On the Activity Stream, we added an indicator on the Filtering tool to show how many items you filtered for.

  • To simplify your view of the Activity Stream, Job Comments no longer appear under Past Events. You can see the Job Comments by clicking the paper airplane icon on the event.
  • The Activity Stream now lets you preview Emails and Calendar Events, building on last month’s debut of previews for Ticket Notes and Calls. Previews let you quickly scan the Activity Stream without having to go to the Ticket for more information.

  Click an item in the Activity Stream to see an overlay with more information.

  Only the most recent Job Comment appears on the Activity Stream. To see the rest of the Job comments, just click the Event.

  In V3, when Job Comments are added or edited, you can see the date and name of the Resource who wrote the comment when you click into it. (This information will be captured starting with this release.)

General Enhancements


  • The Credits screen no longer has “Show Refund Details” under “Advanced Options.” A new slider Is Refunded? now appears on the main Credits screen.

Click the toggle to select Yes, then fields appear where you can fill in the refund information.


  • New triggers have been added for when a Calendar Event has been:

  • We added a new condition: Calendar Event Category.
  • When a Calendar Event triggers a sequence, we now support the following replacement fields based on the information for that Calendar Event:
    Resource Name
    Resource Email
    Resource Avatar 48x48
    Resource Avatar 128x128
    Resource Profile

Calendar Events

  • When completing a Calendar Event on the Dispatch Board, if this is the final Calendar Event on the Ticket, you’ll now see a prompt asking if you want to complete the Ticket.

V3 Job Wizard

We made scheduling a job easier in the Job Wizard by removing redundant information and adding a few enhancements.

  • You can add Master Job Notes and Internal Job Notes while scheduling a Job. You also can select when these notes appear on the Job.

  • You now can choose a Line Item before choosing a Job Type.
  • You now can search by Line Item Type, such as Package, Product, or Service.
  • When selecting a Service or Package line item, and the Job Type is not already selected, the Job Type and Job Name fields will be filled in automatically for the Service. You can go to the next step without having to fill in these fields.
  • In the V3 Job Wizard, you can now specify whether a job created is a work order. In V2, you always had this option, and we heard from our Members that you prefer it that way.
  • In any “Advanced” section of the Job Wizard, you can leave a screen and come back to it later, and it will still be open.


  • When adding a new Ticket, the Ticket Category now defaults to “Uncategorized” instead of a category of blank or “Not Set.” New Tickets remain “Uncategorized” until you set a category. This should help you search for and work with Tickets.
    Note: Categories are recommended but not required. You can find “Uncategorized” Tickets using the Ticket Category filter.

  • We added the “Display Order” column to the Ticket Categories list for your reference.

V3 List Pages

In response to Member requests, some V3 List screens now have set filters by default. This means you no longer have to apply a filter to see data.

These are the screens and their default filters:

  • The Accounts list shows the list of clients.
  • The Invoices list shows invoices with a balance greater than zero and a
    status of “Open.”
  • The Payments list shows payments made in the last 60 days.
  • The Tickets list shows open Tickets in the last 60 days.

Updates to Correct System Issues


  • In the Activity Stream, the "Email" filter was hiding items when set from “Newest to Oldest.” This has been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue with Leads defaulting to non-taxable status.


  • The Text Event “Expecting Response” option was not correctly confirming call-aheads on visits. This now works as expected.

Calendar Events

  • In V3, there was an error when saving Calendar Events containing appointment times from 12:00 – 1:00 a.m./p.m. This now works as expected.

Client Portal

  • Some clients incorrectly saw a “Paused Services” banner. We made some changes to address this issue.
  • We fixed some issues that might cause registration links to not allow clients to register for the CP as expected.

V2 Marketing Emails

  • In V2, there are sometimes issues sending Marketing Emails to a filtered list of clients. An error message will now inform Members to either try sending the emails again or send the email to only selected clients.

Two-Way Texting

  • Previously, clients texting “Start” were not being opted back in. This has been corrected.

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