About Two-Way Texting

Two Way Texting provides an efficient way to communicate with clients. However, there are some limitations to be aware of before subscribing to this service:

  • MMS is only supported in the new Message Center
  • Group Messages are not supported
  • You cannot import an existing number
  • You cannot forward text messages to another number
  • You cannot use the assigned number to make/receive calls

Sign Up for Two-Way Texting

Do you want to sign up for Two Way Texting? It’s easy!

Navigate to Settings > Two Way Texting then click Subscribe to choose your monthly plan and phone number.

Note: Two-Way Texting is only available with the Pro and Pro Plus Subscriptions.


Once you're subscribed to Two Way Texting, navigate to Settings > Two Way Texting to view the Two Way Texting Log. The log displays your assigned number, monthly usage, a log of all inbound and outbound text messages, and the option to cancel or change your Text Message Subscription plan.


For more specific information about the signup process, see this article.Β 

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