The Message Center

The Message Center, available after adding Two Way Texting, is a live feature that actively sends and receives Text Messages from clients, leads, and resources.

User Rights for the Message Center

Before you can see the Message Center, you'll need to enable the right for your User Role.

  1. Go to Settings > User Role & Rights > (role) > CRM tab.
  2. Under the "Text Messages" column, select the checkbox next to "View Message Center".


    Once enabled, the Message Center is available from the CRM tab in the navigation bar.

    Note: "Remove Text Message Feed" allows users to hide text messages in the Message Center. This does not un-send the message or permanently delete it. Messages will reappear in the message center when a new text is received or sent.

Like an Instant Messenger, the Message Center will display incoming messages as they're received. The Message Center is a live feature. This means marking a message as read or removing a thread will affect all users. This is important to note when there are multiple resources running the Message Center.

Alerts are created for incoming messages. However, the Alert only generates for the resource who last sent an outbound text message to the client/lead. All resources can see the text messages in the Message Center regardless of who receives the alert.

FAQs about the Message Center

The Message Center has a notification of one unread message, but I cannot find it.

There are two possibilities for this scenario. The unread message may be buried in all your threads. Be sure to scroll through all your messages to find the thread with the unread message. It’ll be there. Once you locate it, if it’s a blank text message, this means the text message was an unsupported message, such as an MMS.

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