Release Notes | August 20, 2021

The theme of this release is Make Life Easier. We continue to improve, clarify, and polish different areas around SA based on your feedback. This release includes enhancements to the Accounts screen and Activity Stream, new previews on some Review screens, and many improvements to the Client Portal and Client Portal app (because we want your clients’ lives to be easier too).


Account Activity Stream

  • On the V2 and V3 Account Activity Stream, the Past Visits tab now indicates if there are attachments from the visit.

    Click the paperclip icon, and the Visit Review screen displays notes and attachments on the right.

    Note: Attachments added from the V3 desktop do not currently appear as described. We’re working on that!

  • At the top of the V2 and V3 Activity Stream, a new Add a Note… field lets you quickly create a general note.

  1. Enter your text into the Add a Note… field.


  2. The Ticket Status defaults to closed. Click the open radio button
    to change the status if needed.
  3. Click Add. This creates a new Ticket containing your note.

Calendar Events

  • You now can Quick Add a Calendar Event in V2.

  1. Click the Quick Add icon mceclip4.png and select Ticket from the dropdown list.
  2. On the Add Ticket overlay, click the Event radio button and fill in the fields.
    This function was implemented in the July release for V3.

Account Review Screen

We made various improvements to help you use the Account Review screen:

  • The Account Status appears in the header of the Account Details screen.

  • For former clients, the Cancel Reason appears below the Account Status.
  • The Account Balance appears below the client name. This card also displays other amounts including Past Due, Uninvoiced, Credits, and Prepayments.
  • The Account Overview card now displays the Account Source, such as Door Hanger, Google Ad, etc.

Date Range Filter

  • We updated the Date Range filter on all screens to allow for Floating Date options such as today, this week, etc. When you save one of these filters, it will remain selected when you open that screen again.
    Example: Say you select and save the filter called “this week” during the week of August 1st. When you open that screen the following week, the filter will bring up data for the week of August 8th.

Email Integration

  • For Tickets created with Email Integration, the Tickets List now indicates when SA has no Account or Vendor associated with an email address. The “ACCOUNT/VENDOR NAME” column will say “No Linked Account” in this case.

    You can click the Ticket to open it, then select an account from the Account / Vendor dropdown list. This ensures that any replies to the Ticket will be sent to the correct email address. 


  • In the Invoices List, we added a column that indicates invoices flagged for review. You can click to flag or unflag any invoice in the list.

    All flagged invoice rows are also tinted to make them more noticeable, even if the flag column is hidden.
  • In the Invoices List, we added a “REMINDERS” column with Email and Print icons.
    - Click the Email or Print icon to see its dialog screen.
    - From there, you can quickly send the invoice. The icon then turns gray.
    - Click any icon to toggle it on or off.

  • In the V3 Accounts List, we added two filters, which are the same as in the V2 Clients List:
    Estimate - Package
    Estimate - Service

Job Wizard

  • To save you a step when you’re creating a Package on the Job Wizard, the Auto Renew option is now selected by default.

    You can select another option from the Auto-Renew Setting dropdown list if needed.
  • You now can add service-specific job notes while scheduling a job with the Job Wizard.
  1. On the service line, click the note icon. mceclip12.png


  2. A dialog opens where you can type the note.
  3. Click Add note to add additional notes.



  • On the V2 Leads List, the filter Registered for Client Portal is now available.


  • Back by popular demand, the Quick links for Past Due and Open Tickets assigned to the user appear on the My Day This lets you view Tickets assigned to the current user based on their due dates.
  • We improved the process of opening and closing the Tickets card:
    - If there are no open Tickets for an account, the card defaults to closed.
    - If there are open Tickets for an account, the card defaults to open.
    - If a Ticket is closed and you select a tab, the card opens without further clicks.
  • The Tickets Activity Stream now shows previews of Notes, Calls, Emails, and Calendar Events.

Client Portal Enhancements

We improved the experience for your clients when they submit Ticket requests on visits:

  • The Ticket number for the visit appears on the Client Portal Services
  • Clients click the Ticket number to see their current correspondence.
  • Clients click the calendar icon to request a change.
  • The Reschedule Request overlay displays the visit date and time on the left. This gives the client some context about the visit for which they’re submitting a request.
  • Tooltips explain the client’s options (such as “Reschedule Visit”).
  • Clients can optionally add a suggested date when requesting to reschedule a visit.
  • Clients get a confirmation message when their request is submitted successfully.
  • Members see the suggested date at the beginning of the email about the reschedule request.
  • Members can see the related visit on the Ticket Review screen for easy response.


Client Portal App Enhancements

  • We added a link code for automatic registration with the Client Portal app on Android devices. This link is already available for iOS devices.
  • The Home Page on the Client Portal app now shows your company phone number. Clients can tap the button to call you.
  • On the Tickets screen, we adjusted the date format. For example, instead of “7/1/21,” it now shows “07/01/21.”
  • Clients now have the option to add attachments to Tickets.
    Supported formats are: bmp, doc, docx, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, ppt, pptx, svg, xls, and xlsx.

  • When clients use “Forgot Password” in the Client Portal app, they’ll now be able to answer the same question multiple times until they get the right answer. Because everyone deserves a second chance.
  • For iOS devices, we fixed an issue with the pull-to-refresh function on Tickets
  • For clients using the Client Portal app to register for the Client Portal, we made a slight update to the opt-in check boxes:
    - If the client left Send Marketing Materials checked during registration, it would double-opt them in, allowing improved communications.
    - If they unchecked it, this previously would affect your company’s ability to send some notifications such as automated scheduling or invoicing. We've changed this option to no longer affect marketing email or text communications.

Updates to Correct System Issues

Client Portal

  • We fixed an issue with Guest Checkout that allowed some clients to make payments for more than the maximum payment specified in Settings.

Email Integration

We fixed a few issues with adding emails to Tickets.

  • Previously, Tickets were not being created from emails sent as “Reply All.” This now works as expected.
  • Replies from iPhones were displaying the letter “y” incorrectly in SA. Don’t ask Y; it works now.
  • The V2 Email Preview was cut off at the top when opened from the V2 Activity Stream. Emails now display correctly.


  • Mobile attachments were not displaying in SA if they were uploaded from a Calendar Event. This has been fixed.

Route Sheets

  • We fixed an issue in which Route Sheets with payment coupons weren't displaying discounts that were added to the job.

Quick Add

  • On the Quick Add Event screen, the Assignment field was being skipped when tabbing through the fields. This has been fixed.

Sales Campaigns

  • Some users had trouble viewing and printing their Sales Campaign PDFs. This now works as expected.

Two Way Texting

  • We fixed an issue with incoming Text Messages not appearing in Message Center.
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