QuickBooks Desktop: Troubleshooting Common Errors

If you are unable to resolve these common QuickBooks errors or any other errors you experience, please contact the QuickBooks team at SA.

“A required element ______ cannot be found.”

This will require help from the SA QuickBooks Support Reps.


“Invalid reference to _______”

This requires help from our QuickBooks Support Reps, but it can be prevented in the future by following the tips in the section below.


“QuickBooks must be running to start the Sync.”

First, try closing QuickBooks and the sync, then re-open both. Close any open windows in QuickBooks.


“The Sync won’t run when I press "Force Sync."

Double-check your username and password. It’s your Service Autopilot login.


“To change _____, you must be in single-user mode.”

You’ll need to move QuickBooks to Single-User Mode to complete this action. In QuickBooks, it’s under File > Switch to Single-User Mode.


“Transaction is empty.”

The invoice has no line items, or the payment is $0.

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