QuickBooks: Best Practices

Follow these recommendations to maintain your data.

For QuickBooks Desktop: Shut Down at the End of the Day

    • A best practice with the sync is to close it down at the end of the day and restart the sync each morning. This protects you from the sync running while the servers are recycling every night, which can cause problems for your sync.

Resolve Errors Daily

    • It’s recommended to review any errors and clear them daily to avoid future issues.

Run the Update Balance Report and QuickBooks Comparison Report (QuickBooks Desktop only)

    • For QuickBooks Desktop users, the Balance report in the Connector program updates the QuickBooks Comparison report in SA (Reports > Report Center > SA Reports > QuickBooks Comparison).
    • Running the Balance report monthly serves as a helpful audit of the client information in QuickBooks and SA, and it updates the SA QuickBooks Comparison report.

 Don’t Merge Items

    • Do not merge any items in Service Autopilot. Doing so would cause issues with your invoices and errors in your sync.

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