Release Notes | December 10, 2021

This release features improvements to the Account Review screen, the Master Schedule Editor, and Automations, among other enhancements and fixes.


What’s New at SA

You’ve got questions? We’ve got training! There are numerous sessions for in-depth training in the new year.

Virtual In-House Training

Click here to see details and sign up for In-House training.

Basic In-House Training

January 4-6

March 8-10

January 11-13

March 15-17

February 1-3

April 5-7

February 8-10

April 12-14

Advanced In-House Training

January 25-27

March 29-31

February 22-24

April 26-28


Automations Mini Workshop

For Members who upgrade to Pro Plus, we’re offering a half-day workshop on Automations on January 4, 2022.

Contact SA Sales for more details and to sign up.



V3 Account Review

The V3 Account Review screen now has a panel for Jobs, similar to the V2 Clients screen.

On this panel, you can:

  • See upcoming Jobs
  • See the Paused Status on Jobs and Visits
  • Pause or restart a Package Job
  • Pause or restart a Repeating Job
  • Cancel a Job
  • View the Audit Trail


We’ve made optimizations to help speed up performance time for Automations, and we’ll continue to make improvements in future releases.


Chemical Tracking       

While on the Chemical Wizard, you can now see attachments you added to chemical products.


Master Packages

It’s that time of year when you’ll need to renew Master Packages. We’ve simplified the process and made it more consistent with the rest of SA.

To renew a Master Package:

  1. Go to Settings > Scheduling > Master Packages to see the list of all your Master Packages. Any Master Packages that need to be renewed are displayed in red.
  2. Click a Master Package to renew to see the Master Package Editor screen.
  3. Click Renew Package, then at the confirmation dialog, click Renew. Your package rounds are now extended by one year.

  4. At this point, you can optionally make any updates to services, dates, and default pricing.
  5. Click the Save and Generate button to update the Master Package and apply the changes to your clients’ services.

V3 Forms

We added a new item to the Add Email Notification overlay. You now can customize the notifications link if you choose to let the client see their original form.

When you are adding an Email Notification, simply type some text into the FORM LINK TEXT field at the bottom of the overlay.

That text will appear as the link in your client’s email.


Updates to Correct System Issues


  • In some cases, an Account’s Activity Stream was displaying an invoice twice. This has been fixed.
  • In V2 Accounts, some Members were unable to access the link to an attachment after uploading it. This has been fixed.


  • In some cases, text messages were not received by clients, although they appeared to have been sent in SA. Texting now works as expected.


  • Previously, when clients filled out an “Update CC Info” form, it would update the Payment Information on the Client record, but not the Payment Information on current Jobs. The information is now also updated on the current Jobs.

V3 Invoices

  • In some cases, Members were unable to perform a bulk charge for a large number of invoices. This now works as expected.

QuickBooks Online

  • In some cases, when a QBO user went to Settings > Categories, the page was broken. The page now displays properly.


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