Renewing Master Packages


Periodically throughout the year you may notice your recurring waiting list jobs are no longer showing on the Waiting List or under the Upcoming tab on your Client records. Recurring Waiting list jobs are generally generated from Master Packages, and these will need to be renewed on a yearly basis. You will also get an alert under the Alert Bell when a Master Package needs to be renewed.

Renewal Dates are specific to each package and may need to be renewed at different times of the year

In order doe the jobs to be scheduled for the next year, the Master Package must be updated. You can access the Master Packages by going to Settings > Master Packages

Once on your Master Packages list, you will see any packages that need to be renewed will be highlighted in red, as shown below:

list screen.png

Click on the Package name to open the package.

before renewal.png

You will need to click the orange Renew Package before making any other changes to the page.

renew confirm.png

Confirm the Renewal

Once the Master Package has been renewed you will be able to edit the Master Package.


The Renewal Date will automatically update for the upcoming year. The Start and End date for each round will automatically update for the upcoming year.

You can now make any changes to the master package you wish.

Once you have completed your changes click the green Save and Generate button at the top of the page.



You will need to confirm the save to schedule clients who have packages set with auto-renew.



Once the package has been generated, the page will update to indicate the updates are being processed.



This is the completion of the Master Package Renewal process. You can navigate away from the page as needed, no other actions are needed. Once all clients scheduled to a package have been updated, you will receive an alert under the Alert Bell in the top right corner.

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