Welcome to Service Autopilot!

Onboarding at Service Autopilot consists of five steps.

Pre-Flight Call

In this call, an Implementation Consultant will fill you in on the onboarding process, consisting of four classes that you’ll take over the course of four to eight weeks. You’ll have the option of three different days and times for each class.

Class Series (Two hours each; please attend in order)

Class 1: Lift

This introduction to Service Autopilot walks you through using the Help Center, adding clients and jobs to your system, sending invoices, taking payments, and using the Legacy mobile app.

Class 2: Boost

The second class covers some templates and documents we provide to get you started; importing your company logo; setting up employees and teams; and using the Document Editor.

Class 3: Soar

In this class, you’ll learn about one of the most powerful features of Service Autopilot: Estimates. We’ll show you how to create a simple Estimate and get more work.

Class 4: Orbit

This class shows the basics of setting up Automations to take your business to the next level.

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