Release Notes | January 21, 2022

This release includes optimizations for Automations to improve speed and performance, a new Chemical Tracking Setup Wizard, a time-saving List View on the Team app, and improvements to Master Schedules.

As always, we’ve made various updates to correct system issues. Read on for more details.

What’s New at SA

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Basic In-House Training

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We’ve added optimizations for Automations to improve speed and performance, and we’ll continue working on this for future releases.

Chemical Tracking Setup Wizard

If you have not yet set up Chemical Tracking in SA, there is a new Chemical Tracking Setup Wizard.

The wizard takes you through simple steps for setting up your chemical products.

On the My Day page, click the link for the setup wizard at the top right of your screen.

When the Chemical Tracking Setup Wizard launches, you’ll see five tabs across the top of the screen. Click each of the tabs and fill in the information:

1. Company Info

Under Company Info, fill in the type of work. You can select one or more standard options, and/or fill in a custom option.

    The options are:

  • Fertilization/Weed Control
  • Interior Pest Control
  • Exterior Pest Control
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Other

2. License Numbers

Under License Numbers, fill in the license numbers of your technicians.

3. Fields

Fill in the Application Methods, Locations, and Units.

  • Select from a list of standard data or add your own.
  • You can modify the standard data or delete it.

4. Chemicals

The wizard supplies a list of chemical products based on the information you set up in the Company Info step.

  • Click any chemical products in the column on the right to select them. When you select them, optional fields appear on the same line: Scientific Name, EPA #, and Cost.
  • Fill in the fields if you wish.
  • Click the trashcan icon to delete the line.

5. Services

  • Click any chemical services in the column on the right to select them. When you select a chemical service, optional fields appear on the same line: Product, Start, and End.
  • Fill in the fields if you wish.
  • Click the trashcan icon to delete the line.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online users can now check your account balances using the Balance Comparison Report.

Master Scheduler

The previous release debuted a new Schedule Editor. For this release, we’re addressing some schedule names and descriptions that might need to be updated. This is so they will indicate the correct odd or even weeks that could get thrown off in certain years.

So if you have schedules with odd weeks/even weeks in the name and description, you can automatically update these names so they don’t look incorrect.

Note that no visit dates or schedules will be changed—just the naming convention in the schedule name and description.

  1. When you bring up the Master Recurring Schedules screen, you’ll now see a button Use New Schedule Editor.
  2. Click Use New Schedule Editor.

The Update Schedule Names dialog lists all schedule names that will be updated.


  1. On the Update Schedule Names dialog, click Rename Schedules.

Team App Enhancements

The Team app has a new List View that gives field users the option to perform bulk actions on jobs, like starting or skipping multiple jobs.

On the Map view, the service address now appears above the image box.

Previously, you would select one job on the map, then swipe up to see details about the job.

Now, you can click the List button to see details for all jobs that day, including the time allotted and services planned for each client.

Map icons indicate the current status of a job:

Green outline - job has not started

Solid blue - job is in progress

Solid green - job is finished

  1. Start Day on the List view, and you’ll see check boxes appear on the left side of each service address.
  2. Select the check boxes for one or more jobs.
  3. Click Start Work At Job Site to clock into all jobs you’ve selected.

The status indicator changes from NOT STARTED to WORKING.


Click Skip Services to skip all the selected jobs.

Note that after you click Start Work At Job Site, the check boxes disappear.

  1. Click any address to see the Detail screen for that client.
    Here, you can see job notes and add comments.
  1. Click Complete Work at the end of the job.
  2. On the Review Job screen, adjust any data as usual.
  3. Click Submit Time.
  4. The status of the job changes from WORKING to FINISHED.


Updates to Correct System Issues


  • In some V2 Accounts, the Master Job was not appearing in the Job section. This now works as expected.
  • Some Master Jobs that had been completed in the past were incorrectly cancelled. This has been fixed.
  • In some cases, when an automation sent an email to multiple email addresses, they did not appear on the Client Timeline. It’s working now.
  • Some Members got an error when saving a Payment Method. This has been correct.


  • When sending Snow Invoices, some duplicates were generated. This has been corrected.
  • In some cases, the invoices for Contracts did not auto-generate. This now works as expected.

V2 Forms    

  • In some cases, the V2 Forms Review field appeared blank on form responses. This has been corrected.
  • On V2 Forms Responses, a maximum of only four photos would appear, event when more were attached. This now works as expected.

V3 Forms

  • The Email Notification in V3 Forms was not including the link for the form copy. The link now appears correctly.

Legacy App

  • Previously, some deleted custom fields still appeared in the Legacy app. This has been fixed.

QuickBooks Online

  • While syncing, a QBO system issue caused a trashcan icon to appear. This has been fixed.
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