Release Notes | April 22, 2022

This month, we are adding new server capacity to improve processing speed. We continue focusing on the speed issue and appreciate your patience.

This release includes numerous updates to correct system issues that you’ve reported.

Training News

Tampa Regional Training

Announcing our first Regional Training in more than two years! Members in the Tampa region, we’re coming your way on April 26th-28th! Yes, in person!

This three-day workshop will cover setup, scheduling, invoicing and payments, document templates, estimating, and reports. We’ll answer questions on any specific areas you need to learn, and we’ll cover some best practices on implementing Service Autopilot into your business.

A special bonus: you’ll have the opportunity to network with other business owners from the region.

Click here to sign up for Regional Training.

Virtual In-House Training

If you are not in the Tampa area, there are plenty of virtual In-House Trainings coming up, both Basic and Advanced.

Click here to see details and sign up for Virtual In-House Training.




  • We completed our improvements to increase processing speed in Automations.


  • In V3 Jobs, we’ve added a Renew option for Packages, so you no longer need to go in and click Schedule on each round.


Updates to Correct System Issues


  • Previously, when viewing an account’s property details and clicking on the map, some Members could not see the options under Property Details. This happened only in full screen mode, but it would appear in the condensed view. We have corrected this issue.
  • Some Activity Stream transactions did not appear if they were deleted and later restored. This now works as expected.
  • In some cases, Account Statement emails were not showing in the Activity Stream. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue with the V2 Client List filters timing out.
  • We fixed an issue with Account Cancellations sometimes cancelling Master (one time) Jobs that had already been completed.
  • On the V3 Property Edit screen, some Members were unable to upload a property photo if it was a .jpeg file type. This has been fixed.
  • On the V2 Clients screen, some Members could not add a Contact Type. This has been corrected.

Custom Fields

  • There was a problem with exporting clients if brackets "[ ]" were used in custom fields. This has been fixed.


  • In some estimates, the Username merge tags populated the wrong username. This now works as expected.
  • For Email Integration users, the Last Update Date was not updating when a reply was made. This has been fixed.


  • We fixed an issue with product discounts sometimes being deducted twice.


  • In some On Demand Jobs, the Per Event Per Inch amount changed the rate after being invoiced. This now works as expected.
  • On the V3 Job Card, Upcoming Jobs: if you paused a repeating job, the visits within the paused range were not shown as paused on the Upcoming This now works as expected.

Legacy App

  • One Member reported an error when trying to view the Company Schedule and de-selecting all resources. This now works as expected.
  • A Member reported an error when trying to enter a credit card for payment using an ANet CIM in the Legacy app. This has been fixed.

Master Packages

  • In some Master Packages, jobs designated as “Call to Renew” were being renewed automatically. This now works as expected.

Master Schedules

  • On the Master Schedule Editor, selecting the “Today” option was changing the calendar incorrectly. This has been fixed.
  • On the Master Schedule Editor, if you deselected dates, the calendar incorrectly switched to the next year. This has been fixed.
  • For Australian Members, when using Master Schedules with the Culture set to Australia, setting a date a day behind caused errors. This has been corrected.

Payroll Report

  • Previously, attempting to Bulk Approve was approving only the first selected resource. This now works as expected.

QuickBooks Online

  • Previously, when an invoice synced from SA to QuickBooks Online, if you had not checked the option to include a service date on invoices, then QBO did not keep the Service Date. This was a problem because if you later made a change to the invoice in QBO, it would sync back to SA without the service date, causing the jobs to be removed from the Dispatch Board as well. This has been fixed.


  • In some cases, Tickets appeared to duplicate when updating the resource assignment. This has been corrected.


  • When using the Date Filter on Timesheets for a specific day, there was a problem with the system hiding Clock In/Out records with end times of 12:00 a.m. Timesheets now show the line items that end exactly at midnight.


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