Release Notes | July 22, 2022


We are always improving Service Autopilot. This update contains a number of bug fixes, as well as more performance improvements.

Updates to Correct System Issues

Account & Billing - Unable to Purchase Optimizations: There was an ongoing issue with purchasing optimization for routing. An error was received “Legacy token was not found”. This has been fixed.

Accounts - Error While Cancelling Client: An error was received “Non-static method requires a target” when trying to cancel a Client. This has been fixed.

Automations - Job Date Merge Tag: The Job Date merge tag was in the wrong format for international cultures. This has been fixed.

Automations - Text Events Missing Recipient: Text message events could be saved without a recipient if the automation was downloaded from the marketplace. This has been fixed.

Automations - Sequences Not Running When Scheduled: An issue was occurring where Automations were not running as scheduled. This has been fixed.

Automations - Stop Condition Not Working: An issue occurred in Automations where the Stop Conditions were not working. This has been fixed.

Client Portal - AutoPay Error: An error was occurring for some Clients when selecting the AutoPay toggle. This has been fixed.

Dispatch Board - Export Incorrect Order: When exporting on the Dispatch Board, the export was not in the current route order. This has been fixed.

Dispatch Calendar - Unable to Move Jobs: An issue was preventing visits from being moved to open time slots on the Dispatch Calendar. This has been fixed.

Estimates - Attachments Won’t Open: An issue was occurring that prevented office documents (docx, xls, pptx) from being opened in Chrome. This has been fixed.

Imports - Importing Sales Description: There was an issue with importing a sales description on inventory Products, and the invoice description on non-inventory products.  This has been fixed by updating the download templates to include both options.

Paused Jobs – Not Restarting: There was an issue with paused recurring Jobs not restarting on the specified date which prevented future visits from being placed on the Dispatch Board. This has been fixed.

Invoice Email – Unable to Save Email: There was an issue for members with the Startup subscription that prevented the saving of Invoice emails when a logo was added. This has been fixed.

Wait List Visits – Generating Incorrect Job Date: There was an issue where the wrong Job date was being used for Automation merge tags when a Waiting List Job was created in V3. This has been fixed.

Legacy Mobile – Unable to Add Resources: An issue was preventing team leaders from adding employees to crews on the Legacy Mobile App. This has been fixed.

Legacy Mobile – Client Search Issue: There was an issue on the Legacy Mobile App preventing the search for Clients with an apostrophe in the name. This has been fixed.

Team App – V3 Forms Not Syncing: Forms filled out on the Team App were not updating to the main site. This has been fixed.

Tickets – Assignment Change When Emailing: Previously, the ticket assignment was being set to the sender of any newly sent emails. This has been changed to set the sender as a watcher instead.  

Invoice Subtotal – Incorrect Label in V3: There was an issue occurring with subtotals in V3 being added to printed Invoices with incorrect labels. This has been fixed.

QBO Error – Unable to Save Office Notes: There was an issue causing a QuickBooks Online character limit error when updating office notes in Service Autopilot. This has been fixed.

Improvements Added to SA

Performance Improvement - We have continued to make performance improvements in Service Autopilot. In this release, we add optimization for the Edit and View screens of Automations.

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