Client Portal Quick Start Guide

This article will explain step by step how to quickly get started with the Client Portal.

  1. Adjust the Client Portal settings to your company’s requirements.


    Go to Settings > Client Portal Settings and adjust the settings as needed. This step’s actions will completely depend on your company. However, we highly recommend, at minimum, adjusting the Billing tab and turning on Alerts under the Alerts tab.

  2. Create a registration email or download a premade template from the Marketplace.

    Option 1 - Download a template from the marketplace.

    To download from the Marketplace, hover over the avatar icon in the top right and choose Marketplace. Search for the "Client portal email" to download the template.


    Once downloaded, navigate to Settings > Documents > click on the Document titled Client Portal - New Client: MP. You will use this Document for all Clients - new or existing.


    If needed, you can select your Document and edit any of its settings, then click the Edit button in the bottom right to open the edit screen. Once on the edit screen, click on the image that says "Drop your logo here" and replace it with your company logo. Once the logo is replaced, click Save in the top right.


    Option 2 - Create a registration email from a blank document.
    To create your own Document, navigate to Settings > Documents and click Add Document. When creating your Document, it's important to include the merge tag for Client Portal Sign Up. The merge tag looks like this when inserted into a document: [portal-registration-link].
    This merge tag will create a unique link for the Client to click on so they can create an account for your Client Portal.


  3. Optional - Create and register a test Client.

    This step is recommended as it will allow you to follow the same steps your Clients will. You'll also be able to see what your clients see once logged in.
    Start by creating a test Client. Once on the test Client page, click to send an Email. In the Document drop-down of the email, select the Client Portal - New Client: MP or the custom Document you created, then send.
    You can view the email in your inbox and click on the registration link to register your test account for the Client Portal. Once registered, you can log in and view what the Client Portal looks like for your Clients.

  4. Send the Client Portal registration email to your Clients.

    You can send the email in bulk from the CRM > Clients/Accounts page. In the Email overlay, be sure to select the Client Portal - New Client: MP or your custom-made document from the dropdown before sending. You can send the email individually by navigating to the Client page and clicking to send the email.
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