Set Up Franchises

In a Franchise, a third party or Franchisee runs a business on behalf of the company or the Franchisor.
The Franchisor is the governing entity or master account, whereas the
Franchisee is the constituent or sub-account. The Franchisor has access to the Franchisee as an owner. 

Note: The Franchise subscription is an additional charge and must be added to your Service Autopilot Account before it can be used.

Be sure to enable the User Roles & Rights for the Franchisor before you proceed. 

Connecting to a Franchisee

Warning: You can only integrate with an existing Service Autopilot Account.

To connect a Franchisor to a Franchisee, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Franchisor Account and go to Team > Franchises


  2. Click the Copy Franchise Code button. 


  3. Share this code with the Franchisee.
  4. Have the Franchisee log into their Account and go to Settings > Integrations
  5. The Franchisee will paste the code in the Franchise Code field.


  6. Click Save Changes. The Franchisee should now show as Pending.
    To approve or decline the Franchisee connection, continue to step seven.


  7. Under the Franchisor Account, add the "pending approval" status filter.


  8. Select the checkbox next to the Pending Franchisee, and click Advanced Actions.


  9. Select Approve Connection or Decline Integration.

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