V3 Create a Bulk Price Update

The Bulk Price Update feature allows you to update the prices for your Client's active recurring jobs. The feature will first need to be enabled under User Roles & Rights. This feature will update the price for the selected master Job for the Client. Only non-dispatched future visits will be updated.

Warning: Currently it is not possible to undo a Bulk Price Update. However, you can decrease rates in bulk.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Bulk Price Update.
  2. Click Create Bulk Price Update in the top right of the screen.
  3. The Create Bulk Price Update dialog will appear.


  4. Fill out the fields as needed. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

    Important: At this time, we highly recommend you create a unique tag for each price increase. You will need this tag to find clients who were a part of the bulk increase but received an error. If a client received an error, they will not receive the tag.

    Field Explanation
    Update Name Name of the price update. This is what will appear in the audit trail on the master jobs that receive the update.
    Percentage The amount by which you want to increase or decrease the service rate. This will only increase or decrease recurring services with a rate of more than $0. A rate of $0 will remain $0.
    Update Type Increase to raise the price or decrease to reduce the price.
    Rounding Rules Round up to the nearest dollar, round down to the nearest dollar, or do not round. For example, if you choose round up and the price comes to $12.02, then it'll round up to $13.00.
    Service The recurring service to be updated. This will only update recurring Services at this time. Recurring Services are those scheduled using Master Schedules or Custom Schedules.
    Update Description Description of the price update. This will appear on the Bulk Price Update screen. 
    Tags Applied Choose to add Tags to Clients that successfully receive the update.
  5. Click Create Update to start the process.

    Note:  Only non-dispatched visits in the future will be updated.

  6. You will now see your update listed on the Bulk Price Update page along with a status column. The following are possible statuses:
    Status Explanation
    Pending The price update request is in the queue but not yet processing.
    In Progress The price update request is currently being processed by the system.
    Completed The price update request is complete and all clients with the selected service have been updated successfully.
    Error The price update is complete, however, at least one Client did not receive the update. Filter the client list for the Service and Does Not Have Tag to find the client or clients that were unsuccessful. 

    Note: The status field will not update automatically. Refresh your browser to check for an update on the status.

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