User Rights for Franchise Access

To set up user rights to view and manage Franchises, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > User Roles & Rights > [Role Name] > Home.
  2. Select any of the checkboxes in the Franchise Access section.
  3. Save your changes. 

User Role/Right


View Franchise List

Allows the user to view the Franchise list page

Franchise Login

Allows the user to log into a Franchisee

Manage Franchisee Connection

Allows the user to manage connected Franchisees

View Franchise Market

Allows the user to view the Franchise Marketplace

Marketplace Publishing

Allows the user to publish to the Franchise Marketplace


Note: If you're enabling Franchise Access for your role then be sure to refresh your browser after saving your changes so the feature appears under Team > Franchises
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