Release Notes | August 19, 2022


We are always improving Service Autopilot. This is a big release with two new features coming. Franchises for our enterprise members and the new Bulk Price Update feature.

Badges will now help indicate whether a feature is brand new or in beta. Hover over them for more information.
A Beta_Badge.png badge will be given to new features that are being tested or have been released with only part of the planned functionality.
A New_Badge.png badge means that while the feature may have further developments planned, it's ready to build into your business processes.

Improvements Added to SA

We’ve made these improvements recently.

Beta_Badge.png New Open Beta Feature - Bulk Price Update: We have listened to your feedback, and we are proud to announce the first release of the Bulk Price Update feature. In this first release, you will now be able to update prices on recurring services by a chosen percentage amount. This is the first improvement for bulk price updates, and we intend to get your feedback to add additional bulk edit functionality, including allowing you to bulk update by a set price and bulk update packages.

New_Badge.png New Feature - Franchise:  For our enterprise members, we have added the option to add the Franchise subscription. This allows you to connect to and log in to the SA accounts you manage.  

Automations – New Audit Trail Details:  We have added new records to the audit trail in automations. You will now see records for when a sequence is created and when an automation is stopped or turned on by a user.

Credit Card Auto-Updater:  When charging cards with Clearent as your processor, if the credit card is updated by Clearent, the card will also be updated in Service Autopilot.

Updates to Correct System Issues

We’ve made these fixes recently.

Automations – Not Loading: A member had reported that their automation was not loading when pulling up the automation edit screen. This has been fixed.

Client Portal – Autopay Error: An error was received when trying to add autopay if the "Other Credit Card type was selected, preventing the autopay from being saved. This has been fixed.

Recurring Jobs – Rate Update Not Added to Visit: An issue was occurring preventing the updated job rate from being pushed to future visits when a secondary service was listed on the job. This has been fixed.

Estimates – Unable to Delete: An issue was occurring preventing an estimate from being deleted.  This has been fixed.

Invoices – Generating with Negative Balance: An issue was causing an invoice to generate from a multiday job with a negative balance. This has been fixed.

Paused Jobs – Visits Stay Paused: An issue was occurring with a member's paused jobs, preventing the future visits from being un-paused too. This has been fixed.

View My Proposal – Visits Stay Paused: An error was occurring on View My Proposal when the name is not filled out causing the need for services to be reselected before submitting. This has been fixed.

Attachments – SSL Issue: An SSL issue was occurring for a member when clicking on attachments. This has been fixed.

Forms – Not Creating Leads: An issue was occurring preventing leads from being created from a submitted form. This has been fixed.

Emails – Replies Set to An issue was occurring where emails sent from the mobile app were listing the return email as instead of the correct company email. This has been fixed.

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