Other Charges for QBO Users

If you sync with QuickBooks Online, you can add Other Charges by setting them up as a Service. Other Charges are used for surcharges or fees, such as a late fee. You can add Other Charges to Invoices in bulk from the Invoice List screen.

Note: If you do not sync with QuickBooks Online, you will add Other Charges under Settings > Other Charges.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Services.
  2. Click Add Service in the top right.
  3. Fill out the Name and Code for the Other Charge. The Code is shorthand, such as "LF" for late fee.
  4. Select the Other Charge checkbox.


  5. Choose if the Other Charge is taxable or non in the Sales Tax Code dropdown.
  6. Fill out the Invoice Description. This is what will be displayed to the Client on the Invoice.
  7. Enter the default rate for the Other Charge. For example, if you want a 15% late fee, you will enter 15 into the Default Rate and choose Percentage from the Rate Type dropdown.
  8. Select the income Account you associate the Other Charge to.
  9. Click Save.
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