Invoice List - Bulk Add Other Charges

You can add or remove Other Charges to Invoices in bulk from the Invoice list screen. This can be used to add additional fees or charges to a Client's Invoice. For example, the Client has not paid their Invoice on time so you want to add a late fee.

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Invoices.
  2. Put a check mark next to the Invoices you want to add the charges to.


  3. Hover over actions and choose Add Other Charges.


  4. The Other Charges window will appear.
  5. Here you can choose to add or remove the Other Charge. In the drop down, select which charge you want to apply.

    Note: You can add or edit the Other Charges available under Settings > Other Charges for non-QBO users or under Settings > Services for QBO users.


  6. Click Apply Changes.
  7. The Other Charge will now be applied to the invoice.

    Important: Adding an Other Charge in bulk will automatically apply a subtotal line to the bottom of the Invoice followed by the Other Charge. Removing the Other Charge will not remove the subtotal line.

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