How to Submit Feedback

You can submit feedback directly to the Service Autopilot team via the Quick Help Widget when logged in to SA. 

Where to Find the Feedback Form

  1. Log in to Service Autopilot and click the Help icon in the top right.


  2. Click Share Your Feedback.


  3. Fill out the fields in the form.
  4. Click Submit.

Recommended Feedback Guidelines

  • Provide a detailed description of what you are trying to accomplish. 
    Example of not enough information: "I need to increase prices"
    Example of detailed description: "I need to be able to increase prices in bulk by a flat rate for my existing package jobs."
  • Provide where or how you would like to see this implemented. Example: "There should be a tool where I can go and schedule my bulk price increases."
  • Describe the impact this change would have on your business. Example: "Currently I am increasing prices on each individual job on each client and this is taking me countless hours to complete. This would save me so many labor hours."
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